Walk This Way (July 3)

Yes, Arrowsmith is in town. And no, my apologies, but not that Aerosmith.

My wife was once asked if she were married to Steven Tyler, to which she answered "Would that not make my last name Tyler?"

We come from a land where the jobs are plentiful and the economy strong. The unemployment rate is below 1 percent. A 25-year sales tax to cover the building of a new law enforcement building was called off after five years because the money had already been raised.

We come from a town where you can find a good paying job in a single day, just by walking into a business.

But we also come from a town with little housing. If you don't have it lined up before you arrive, you will be sleeping in the street. There is nowhere to rent, and no motels available.

So why are we here?


That's opportunity in a new community that appears to be up and coming, has a sense of planning, and a sense of community.

This is a community not in the middle of nowhere (you may think you are, but try being 120 miles from a town this size).

And best of all, we came for the warmer weather, and the friendlier people.

Yes, you are friendly people here.

North Dakota was once voted the friendliest state in the United States. But in the same poll, it was found to be the most introverted. In other words, they are going to be nice to you if you leave them alone.

So yes, Arrowsmith is in town.

And we could not be happier to be here.

Robert Arrowsmith

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