Their view: Health Care Act not suited for U.S.

In his Sunday's letter — "Old health care system was not working" — Leon Logan insinuates the Heritage Foundation backs the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It does not.

Among cons their analysts cite:

  • ACA adds 35 million Medicaid clients, increasing the federal deficit. CBO estimates a $1.2 trillion deficit by year 11. Actual cost unknown.
  • Eighteen new taxes levied on businesses and individuals, $500 billion cut from Medicare reducing services for the elderly.
  • Intrudes on the doctor-patient relationship, unelected government bureaucrats dictating "one-size fits all regulations" and price controls. Government is an inefficient organism.
  • ACA threatens freedom of religion by requiring religious institutions to fund abortion contraception.
  • Heritage advocates market-driven health insurance reform, not government takeover of the entire health care system.

The number of state and federal agencies created to implement the ACA is unknown, 152 by some counts. Thus, the cost to taxpayers for this new bureaucracy is unlimited. About 15,000 IRS agents will be hired solely to administer the tax, ahh, I mean fine on households not buying health insurance. Regarding human nature, a massive under-reporting of earned income to dodge the penalty and qualify for the insurance subsidy is likely.

Under ACA, incomes up to 400 percent of the poverty level, ($43,320 per individual, $88,200 for a family of four) are eligible at no or reduced cost.

Logan cites how great socialized medicine is in other countries, comparing grapes to watermelons. Their populations are much smaller: 33.5 million in Canada, 7.6 million in tiny, rich Switzerland.

U.S. population is 312.8 million.

Justice Roberts' decision asks us: What kind of country do we want? It is up to every citizen to choose — our freedoms or a centrally run European-style welfare state?

Margaret George


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