Letter to the editor: Obama’s remarks insult Americans

President Obama insulted millions of business-owning Americans by stating that "somebody else made that happen," in a July 13 speech he gave in Roanoke, Va.

He minimized the success of exceptional, smart, and hardworking people by saying there's a lot of smart/hardworking people out there (who aren't business owners).

I'm sick and tired of his bologna slices. Why doesn't he encourage people to succeed and stop nursing off of the government? Try praising those who have a strong work ethic and stand on their own. Don't minimize us.

Obama's words further indicate that we should be beholden to or should praise the government for providing infrastructure.


Obama should be thanking me and my compatriots because we paid for it.

My success has nothing to do with government. Extreme honor and integrity are words I live by.

I couldn't imagine the shame of not paying a bill on time. Bonus — that led to an incredible credit rating where local banks had no fear of lending.

My hard work, my honor, my integrity, my success.

I am not unique; there are millions of us that Obama has insulted. For that, and the trillions of dollars of debt that Obama has laid on future generations, he is a one-term president.

I will now acknowledge that truthfully, I didn't succeed on my own.

All that I have is nothing more than blessing from God.

I am a mere steward for all that God has entrusted in me. It is to our Heavenly Father to whom I will express praise and gratitude, not to Barack Hussein Obama.

Perry Furgason


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