My Turn – July 31

I'm hearing it. I don't hear it often enough lately, but this afternoon I'm hearing it. It's that wonderful sound of raindrops hitting my skylight. I sit here typing, but I don't want to make too much noise with the keys. Rosemary Clooney is softly singing "I'm in the mood for love" … but the sound of the rain is stronger, so her crooning is a sweet complement.

Before I came inside I smelled that sweet perfume. It's the incredible scent of rainfall on parched soil. I once read that this was the cleanest fragrance on earth. I believe it.

I stood at my window watching for several minutes. Too see it go beyond a wet driveway, and actually forming puddles for the drops to splash into, is grand entertainment. We called those little splashes "rain fairies" when I was a child. Watching them dance today was sheer pleasure.

I felt the rumble of the thunder, and hoped it would stay through the evening. The radar gave me great assurance.

By the time my happy musings make their way into the paper, today's marvelous shower will be a distant memory. I'll enjoy replaying the sensations in my mind. I hope you will too.

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