My Turn – August 1

About seven months of living here and I found one of the things I appreciate most about moving here from a big city; the sky at night.

Don't get me wrong, I love the sight and bright lights of the San Francisco Bay Bridge and the skyline, but I never really get to see the stars with all those lights.

No neon bright signs for $1 Chinese food (and never trust such a place because I got food poisoning), no flickering street lights that signaled curfew as a kid, just the open sky here.

No matter how long or bad a day is, I know those stars will be waiting for me when I get home; They're so inspiring.

They make me want to build a roof similar to the characters of Third Rock From the Sun and just lay out every night under them. My roommates and I would climb up there to discuss this thing we call life.

I always say the possibilities of my future and my dreams are what keep me going every day. The stars are also a reminder of that, for every day they represent my limit.

I'll keep reaching for them and chasing my dreams, and I have New Mexico to thank for that.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc. and humor in her spare time. She seriously met the comment about cheaply priced Chinese food and while your at it, don't trust tattoo shops that advertise buy one get one free tattoos.

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