My turn: There’s no place like home

Right after college I was living in the Caribbean. They don't say "y'all" in the Virgin Islands. One summer, back here on vacation, I remember getting a lump in my throat just hearing a young girl at a fast food place asking "What can I get y'all?" Music to my ears! That same week we […]

C-130 crashes fighting SD wildfire

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — A military cargo plane from North Carolina has crashed while fighting a wildfire in the Black Hills of South Dakota, but there's no official word on death or injuries, authorities said Monday. Six crew members were aboard the C-130 from the North Carolina Air National Guard in Charlotte, N.C., said […]

Walk This Way

Robert Arrowsmith On Saturday, I attended a luncheon with several of our troops from Cannon Air Force Base. It turned out to be a combination luncheon and also a birthday party for several of them. This was the first time since I have moved here that I had been able to spend an extended amount […]