Flash mobbing hits Portales

PNT staff writer


Portales Senior Citizens Center Director Dawn Kryder waved her hands in the air as four members of the center followed suit.


ladies, get ready to rock the baby four times," she yelled to her

partners, swinging her arms downward and going into a rocking motion

with them.

JoAnn Gilbert, 67, wheeled her oxygen tank forward,

performing the dance moves to "If I Could Turn Back Time" with as much

energy as anyone else in the room, maybe even more.

"Can you believe it? That I'm actually doing a flash mob with oxygen," Gilbert said to her counterparts, laughing.


said she has been wanting to get local residents together for a flash

mob for years and decided that the seniors at the center were the ideal


"When I see them on TV, it's the faces of the people all

around them that I notice," Kryder said. "The dancers look passionate

and the audience, whether young or old, have joy on their faces. During

the few minutes that flash mob is going on, no one there is thinking

about their problems. That's what it's all about."

Kryder said she has never seen a flash mob of senior citizens before, but she figured there's a first time for everything.

So far, there are four people involved but Kryder said she has promises from two other center members to join.


not just limited to seniors," Kryder said. "Anyone is welcome to join

for it. I think the more people who see us do it, the more will want to

be involved."

Kryder said she doesn't mind telling people it's

happening so more will become involved, but when and where it will take

place, she's not saying, because otherwise, it wouldn't be a flash mob.

Kryder's group was enthusiastic Wednesday as they studied YouTube videos to learn new dance moves.

"I just couldn't tell her no," said 66-year-old Geralyn Million, laughing. "I'm a little embarrassed but it's fun."


Portales Senior Citizens Center Director Dawn Kryder leads JoAnn Gilbert, left, and Rita Zapata, in dance moves for the song "If I Could Turn Back Time" at a Wednesday afternoon practice. Kryder and members of the center are planning on performing a flashmob in Portales but when and where, they aren't saying.

very excited," added Rita Zapata, 65. "I love senior citizens because

I'm one of them and I'll do anything to help them out."


said the group has already performed two impromptu trial runs during a

barbecue at Heartland Health Care Center and at one of the senior

center's potlucks.

She said the audience at both performances gave positive responses to the performances.

"Look out and beware," Kryder said, laughing. "We're coming."

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