Fair time brings back memories

So the late and sorely missed Chris Ledoux extolled the virtues of one of the highlights of many small town and rural areas — the county fair.

From Montana to the Florida grasslands, from northern California to rural Maine, small towns everywhere can appreciate the primacy in late summer/ early fall of the county fair.

Speaking of making you fall in love, this year's Curry County Fair, being held the week of Aug. 13, will bring back a singer who was a guest at the old Clovis Country Music Festival in 1998:

Rick Trevino will be the musical provider for Thursday.

Why is that significant to Janice and I? Well, it was that summer of 1998 that we were doing a lot of our falling in love.

There's a lot more than quality music to draw one to the county fair. Local talent and local specialties still reign, when you step in the portal marked "county fair," be it here or in Maryland, New Jersey, etc.

It goes without saying that, at Curry County Fair time, if we don't showcase our talents, there won't be any talents showcased. Whether it's photography, pie baking, scarecrow making, or woodworking, there is nothing to show if we don't bring it.

Fair food is, of course, a big item for a lot of people, this writer included. I have proudly lost 15 pounds since April. Fair food is not the kind of food one loses 15 pounds on.

However, the night we go to fair will be my one night off of my very healthy diet. After all, fried vegetables are still vegetables, right?

Fair memories — I have lived here long enough to build some. There was the year I spent a whole day decorating a jar to hold the salsa that my wife was entering in the salsa making contest.

There was the year that Jason took our very smart Westie to a children's pet show night. Our very smart Westie developed a case of stage fright and, mixed with terrier stubbornness, decided to sit down and do absolutely nothing.

There is always, always, the dancing (I'm looking forward to dancing, Thursday night, to "Learnin' As You Go," by Rick Trevino. A flashback to 1998).

If we get lucky, we will have a tortoise for the tortoise race, recalling the year that Mikayla actually managed to place with her entry.

Whether looking to fall in love, renew a love, or just celebrate who we are, hope to see you at the Curry County Fair.

Clyde Davis is a Presbyterian pastor and teacher at Clovis Christian High School. He can be contacted at: clyde_davis@yahoo.com

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