Letter to the editor: Public prayer Constitutional right

I take issue with Friday's editorial headlined "Respect for all result of prayer decision."

Not allowing any group of Christians the right to pray is a violation of the freedom of religion clause of the First Amendment, which reads: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

As has often been noted, the amendment says nothing about any individual or group practicing religion, including praying, at any time or any place. It simply protects citizens from the government dictating how and when to worship or pray, which they have been trying to do through judicial activism.

"Respect for all," has nothing to do with praying in public, whether it be on private or public land. Respect is the honor and dignity afforded every human being on the planet regardless of race, location, or place in any society, simply because they are a creation of God. But, it does not mean that minority numbers of any group should dictate to the majority. That can become tyranny by the minority, which happens to be taking place in many areas of society driven by political correctness.

If the majority members of any group, including sports teams, are, say, Christian, and they choose to pray, there is nothing in the Constitution to prohibit such. Other than national elections, most everything else in our daily lives is decided by majority vote, from local and state elections to the Supreme Court.

However, religion (i.e. Christianity) is one major sphere in which tyranny by the minority is happening regularly.

Let us respect all of God's children regardless of race, religion, or any other identifying characteristic, but let us not fall prey to PC that violates the meaning of our Constitution and allows tyranny by individuals or groups.

Alan Dodd


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