Muslim group slaughters our views and beliefs

I am writing this today because I was outraged at what was in our local paper on Sept. 23.

We are losing our freedom to pray and speak of God, Jesus and the Christian faith. This is what our country was founded on. Then, we see a full page story on the Muslim faith in our Sunday newspaper.

We have been very tolerant of this religion and even teach it in many schools in our country.

Their rights to pray and worship are not censored like ours are becoming.

This is a group that is slaughtering Christians in the Middle East and many Muslim countries.

Our flags are burned and our servicemen and ambassadors are being killed by followers of this religion.

Then you try to convince us this is a peaceful religion.

Ask the ambassador to Egypt how peaceful this is and if he could talk to the ambassador to Libya.

It is time for the Christians to stand up and say enough is enough.

I thank the city of Portales mayor and city councilors who were willing to say we want to continue the prayers to God to lead us in our decision making.

Bless you.

Diana Danforth


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