Letters to the editor: New Mexico vote still important

The fact that everyone has written off the state of New Mexico as a blue state infuriates me.

By doing this, they are telling New Mexicans their vote is unimportant because the outcome has already been decided.

I am afraid many people will feel it is useless to go to the polls.

I don't believe our state has to go down without a fight. If we could generate a heavy voter turnout on the east side and rural areas of New Mexico we could counteract the liberal votes of our largest cities.

We don't have to lay down and die politically. If you care about the future of your children and grandchildren, get out and vote.

Shirley Terrill


Voters should support Bond C question

As five members of our family have received under graduate and master's degrees from Eastern New Mexico University and three of these attended Clovis Community College, we are naturally loyal boosters of both institutions.

Their contributions to our careers as well as thousands of graduates of both institutions are beyond evaluation.

The positive impact on our community by Eastern New Mexico University and Clovis Community College is considerable and hopefully we can show the rest of New Mexico that we enthusiastically support our colleges on this side of the state.

I want to encourage a yes vote on Bond C in the general election, Nov. 6.

Norvil Howell


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