My turn – ENMU choir nothing short of amazing

If you've been to any event involving the choirs at Eastern New Mexico University, you've seen Jason and Kayla Paulk. Dr. Paulk is the director of choral activities at ENMU; Mrs. Paulk is a vocal coach and regular accompanist for the department of music.

They disguise themselves as professionals, but for a while now I've suspected they are really magicians, or possibly wizards.

If you don't believe me, come to Buchanan Hall at 7 p.m. Saturday night for the School of Music's fall choral concert.

The beautiful sound that the Paulks can coax out of the 144 voices that make up ENMU's three choirs is nothing short of amazing.

Dr. Paulk describes it like this: "The major difficulty is in taking a group of singers with incredibly varied skills and helping them become a unified choral instrument capable of great aesthetic beauty."

I describe it like this: Magic.

I don't understand how it works or why it works or why it moves me to tears (in a good way!) every single time.

But it does. And like so many wonderful things at our home-town university, it's free and available for the taking.

No wands. No top hats. No smoke and mirrors.

But I stick to my premise. It's magic.

Betty Williamson believes if she keeps watching the Paulks very closely, she'll eventually figure out their secrets.

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