My Turn – Struggles lie beyond election win

Willie wants to withdraw as VP on our Green Tea Party ticket.

It's not that he thinks "The party of common sense that knows it doesn't know" can't win. With our anti-oxidant, pro-equal-rights agenda, he's afraid that we will.

Then we'll have to deal with being commanders in chief, target of everyone's self-interest.

We support balanced budgets, but will be blamed for decades of budget busting.

If we don't start unaffordable wars, we'll be peacemongers — even though we both served.

If we start wars, we'll be warmongers.

If we don't rush into hotspots around the world, we'll be Islamist sympathizers.

If we practice measured actions instead of slander, lapel pins and flag-waving, we'll be unpatriotic.

If we rein in social and entitlement programs, we'll be heartless. If we rein in corporate abuses, we'll be anti-business.

If we strike a middle ground of realistic compromises, we'll be unprincipled.

If we inadvertently blurt out that evolution seems possible, we'll be effete intellectual snobs.

If we re-charge our golf-cart batteries for a few minutes of relaxation, we'll be frivolous.

If we suggest the rich, middle class and poor have equal work ethics, compassion and pride, Green Tea Partiers will be our only base.

I do share Willie's concern about mudslinging about our Texas birth certificates and past "indiscretions" when we were young men — in our 40s.

We may have to plead a fifth of Jack on that one.

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