ENMU students call play most challenging

There's scandal at Eastern New Mexico University in the form of devious girls and pompous gentleman.

Thursday night was opening night for the ENMU production of the George Bernard Shaw play, "Man and Superman."

"It falls somewhere between a comedy of manners and a social satyr," said ENMU music major Brian Lee, who plays Roebuck Ramsden, one of the lead roles. "I (his character) have this strange belief that I was left sole guardian of the girls but I find out there is another guardian, who is an individual I don't care for because of his revolutionary ideas."

Alisa Boswell: Portales News-Tribune

Eastern New Mexico University students talk in the Campus Union Building Thursday about the quirks of their characters in their theater production of "Man and Superman" by George Bernard Shaw.

Brandon Gilliard plays opposite Lee as John Tanner, the other guardian over two teenage girls, Anne and Rhoda.

The cast of the production all agreed that Shaw's production is by far the toughest they've done with it being set in early 20th Century London, England.

"The language, the style, the way people move, it's all classical," said Mandi Hatcher, who plays Anne. "We're not ourselves. We're in a different period, a different style."

"This is one of the best we've done," Gilliard added. "We're excited."

Here's what four primary cast members had to say about their characters:

  • Lee, who plays Roebuck Ramsden:

"As a character, Ramsden is very in love with his own intellect and relishes any opportunity to speak and display his knowledge. But he does it in such a larger-than-life way and I wish I could be so up front with my opinions. He's also very committed to his decisions and beliefs but almost to a fault."

  • Hatcher, who plays Anne:

"During that time, women are house wives and the little woman but she (Anne) defies that stereotype. When she wants something, she goes after it. Her downfall is she is a liar. Instead of saying what she wants, she goes about it in a devious way, because she thinks she has to get what she wants."

  • Brandon Gilliard, who plays John Tanner:

"My revolutionist ideas set up so many discussions throughout the play and cause conflict with a lot of other characters. A lot of my ideas are practical, but for the time, they're seen as ludicrous. I'm also a bit hypocritical. I talk the talk but I don't always walk the walk, which gives people more room to make fun of me."

  • Robert Garcia, who plays Octavius (best friend to John Tanner):

"He's a poet and a playwright, who is madly in love with Anne. His main goal is to marry Anne. He's honest and he thinks everything is plays and poetry and everything in the world is a nice dream.

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