Empty stocking fund: Family A

Today's focus: Family A

Household members: 7

Children: 4

Special circumstances: This family has been working hard taking care of a sick mother (grandmother). Due to the time that it takes to take care of her mother, the mother of the family has been unable to work. The husband is the only one working.

Clothing needs: Girls size 10, shoe size 3; girls size 12, shoe size 3; boys size 10, shoe size 2; boys size 9-12 months.

Toys list: Two girls, 10, CD players and anything dealing with music; boy, 7, bicycle or scooter; boy, 3 months, any kind of baby toys.

Who's helped: Around 350 families who've asked the Salvation Army to help make Christmas special.

Donations: Can be dropped off at the CNJ, 521 Pile St., or mailed to P.O. Box 1689, Clovis, N.M., 88012; or the PNT at 101 E. First St. or mailed to the PNT at P.O. Box 848, Portales, N.M. 88130. Envelopes should be clearly marked "Empty Stocking Fund." Checks must be payable to "The Salvation Army."

Contributions will be forwarded to the Salvation Army office, 317 E. Second St., Clovis, or gifts may be purchased for specific children or seniors by choosing an Angel tag off of trees located at North Plains Mall, Walmart in Clovis, Hastings and St. Clair Orthodontics.

If you would like to help "Family A," call Jim Gallop at the Salvation Army at 762-3801.

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