Election losers full of sour grapes

Taking a cue from fellow columnist and Texas Rangers fan Kevin Wilson, today I'm scattershooting about Facebook.

For peace and safety, friends Avis Jones, Ron Barker, Robert Patrick and I declared a unilateral, pre-election ceasefire on political posts. We did reserve the right to comment on others' posts.

One poster cited a study that the average IQ of one party's members was 15-20 points higher, and sarcastically wondered why then was their vice president so much dumber than his.

Avis commented, "Nah, it's just the general population."

Ron responded to a caricaturish post with, "Worn political spins, paraded around like a used-up circus elephant — case closed." He added the '70s song lyrics, "Everyone's trying to tell their story with a 25-cent bumper sticker."

n To the post "No such thing as 'gay' marriage. It's just a way to validate 2 (…) living together." …

.. Robert, a gay playwright from Los Angeles, commented: "At least your last sentence is correct."

n To the post "Should welfare recipients be randomly drug tested to receive benefit checks?" …

… I commented, "Only if they are required to tell us where to get the good stuff."

When conspiracists kept posting post-election nasties, I finally fired back, "I thought that the election was over. If you are into sour grapes, why not start a vineyard and get into whine-making."

If you friend me on Facebook at "wendel sloan," I'll be happy to comment on your posts.

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