My Turn – ‘Holiday Happening’ pride of Portales

I've been away on vacation. A nice escape from reality, we've been off doing our favorite thing… seeing new sights. But when we booked the get-away, there were a couple of dates that gave me pause. I do love a traditional Thanksgiving, so it was a very big deal to decide to be away from home on that wonderful day.

The other date, always marked on my calendar, is the first Saturday in December. Making our travel plans I had to say, "Hmmm, I'll be missing the Holiday Happening."

What a wonderful event! A festive day filled with things I love — delicious food, beautiful dishes, holiday sweaters, marvelous centerpieces, and most of all, the people of Portales. Sure, it's mostly women, but there are always a few men there too. They're my new friends, my old friends, my family, my former school teachers, my neighbors. Everyone's smiling and laughing.

Portales many not win any awards for most beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, or must-see landmarks. But this event in the CUB Ballroom every December is tops in my book. I cannot imagine a more marvelous holiday luncheon anywhere.

Hats off to the members of Portales Altrusa. Your extravagant gift to the community is greatly appreciated.

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