Pintores artist of the month

Lois Snyder


Having grown up on a farm in Curry County, I have lived in Clovis my entire life. My mind, as a child, was constantly challenged and inspired into unlimited creativity through 4-H projects of sewing, arts and crafts. I was never allowed to sit idle and accept this as the greatest of blessings. This background has given me, as an adult, the love for fine art that I have today.

I have studied with several fine instructors through the years who have provided me with the knowledge and techniques of oil painting necessary for transferring, from my mind onto canvas, the realistic images of life and nature's beauty.

Many awards and honors have inspired me to keep on learning through workshops and classes. I have found that learning something new always gives a person a sense of accomplishment.

Paintings by Lois Snyder will be on display at Clovis-Carver Library during the month of December.

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