Area could get white Christmas

Depending on what part of eastern New Mexico you're in, your chances of a white Christmas range from a roll of the dice to a coin flip.

A storm was expected to move through northern New Mexico late Monday night, and would leave its heaviest snow in Quay County. Chances are around 60 percent for snow there, National Weather Service Meteorologist Kerry Jones said, while it dips to around 30 percent around Clovis and Portales.

"It looks like it's going to develop late tonight, and most likely close to or after midnight. It looks like there will be a window of opportunity between midnight and noon tomorrow," Jones said. "Clovis and Portales will be on what we'd consider the southern edge of the best potential (area for snow). Within (Curry) county, near the caprock, looks favorable with this tract."

Tucumcari could see anywhere from a dusting to 2 inches, Jones said, while other areas will see less snow, if any.

Snow or not, Jones said, residents will want their coats. Temperatures were in the high 50s on Christmas Eve, but the high is 33 on Tuesday in Clovis with a low of 16 — 33 and 16, respectively, in Portales. Additionally, winds of around 23 mph will create a wind chill that Jones said will make outside feel like temperatures are in the high teens and low 20s.

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