Clovis’ first baby of year arrives earlier than expected

"Hi sweetheart," said Kelsey Duffield softly to the first baby of the year born in Clovis as she held her daughter, smiling with a new mother glow.

Ashlyn Rose Duffield was born at 12:34 p.m. Tuesday at Plains Regional Medical Center, weighing 8 pounds and 3 ounces, born to Friona residents and Nebraska natives Joel and Kelsey Duffield.

Christina Calloway: CMI staff

New mom Kelsey Duffield holds the first baby of the year born in Clovis, Ashlyn Rose Duffield, Tuesday afternoon.

"We named her Ashlyn Rose because we like the sound of it," said Kelsey. "It's a pretty name."

New father Joel added that Rose was his great-grandmother's middle name.

Kelsey, a physical therapist at PRMC, said their daughter was due Jan. 2, but decided to make her debut to the world a day earlier.

"I'm just happy she decided to join us," she said.

"We were in here Saturday night and got sent home and then came back Monday night," added Joel, an employee of Xcel Energy

Christina Calloway: CMI staff

New parents Kelsey and Joel Duffield sit with their first daughter and first baby of the new year born in Clovis, Ashlyn Rose Duffield, Tuesday at Plains Regional Medical Center in Clovis.

Since Kelsey works at PRMC, the couple was happy their daughter was born into a welcoming and familiar community.

Joel's theory as to why his daughter came into the world on New Year's Day was because their Nebraska Cornhuskers played Tuesday.

Both Joel and Kelsey added that they are former college athletes, running track and field, and predict their daughter is destined to be the same.

The Duffields moved to the area about a year ago, looking for a change of scenery and new job opportunities. They added that the area serves as a good family community.

"I'm excited to teach her new things," Kelsey said.

Joel said watching their daughter grow is going to be an exciting and frightening experience.

"I'm excited to see what she does next and I'm terrified to see what she does next," he said.

The Duffields said they expect tons of family to come visit Ashlyn Rose next week, looking forward to being surrounded by love.

The couple is looking forward to the long road of parenting ahead, just slightly nervous that their daughter might reach diva status when she finds out about her 15 minutes of fame of being the first baby of the New Year.

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