My Turn – We are kindred spirits, friends

The approach of a new year tends to bring reflection. It also brings inspiration as people look at ways to be better and things to change.

I hate when people criticize others for wanting to be better simply because it's the start of the year.

I'll never understand why people find it necessary to bring the hopes of others down. I understand the question, "If not now, when?" and it's powerful. But for many, the first of the year means a new beginning.

So why take that away from anyone and why must people be so callous? If anyone tries to downplay your goals this year, let them know you have a journalist friend that will come by and roundhouse some sense into them.

Here's my deal, I've grown up a lot and am still trying to make peace with some rough times in my past. It tears me apart when some people try and tell me I'm still "that girl."

Frankly, I like who I've become and who I'm continuing to grow into. So if someone gives you a hard time about your past, we are kindred spirits my friend. And today is the day I pledge we let go and look toward the future and leave those who aren't willing to support us behind.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc. and humor in her spare time. She also wants to remind people that it's never too late for (insert your dream here).

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