Their View: ‘Day of Resistance’ will help reaffirm rights

LARRY WARD, president of Political Media and primary organizer of Gun Appreciation Day, has released a statement declaring his support for a nationwide "Day of Resistance" on Saturday. The website urges supporters to "organize locally so that they may band together neighbor to neighbor and reassert their community's right to determine their own destiny."

Here is Ward's statement:

Gun Appreciation Day, held on Jan. 19, drew hundreds of thousands of people to rallies supporting the Second Amendment in response to President Obama's gun control proposals and executive actions.

Despite the clear message that the American people sent on Gun Appreciation Day, President Obama is still having a hard time understanding what 'shall not be infringed' means. I'm glad my friends at the Tea Party are putting their resources on the line to help patriots from coast to coast organize rallies, and I'm proud to join them in that effort.

We'll use the same successful organizational and marketing tactics that brought Gun Appreciation Day to the forefront of public discussion to bolster the Day of Resistance.

It's no secret that the liberal media wants to marginalize gun owners and trivialize our God-given rights. That's why we're dedicated to making Saturday a show of strength that they can't ignore.

The president and his cronies in Congress have exploited the tragedy at Sandy Hook to a shameful degree. They need to understand that people across this country don't appreciate their manipulative tactics, and aren't buying their rhetoric. Supporters of the Second Amendment aren't just 'clinging to guns and religion,' as President Obama would say. We come from all parts of the country, and all walks of life, and we deeply value our rights and our liberty.

"We the People" are still the most powerful political force in this nation. It's past time that the elites in Washington who would strip us of our ability to protect our lives, our families, and our property remember that.

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