RGH dedicates conference room

Fred Anthony's legacy will live on inside a room where he dedicated so much time to bettering Roosevelt General Hospital.

Hospital CEO Larry Leaming dedicated the hospital's conference room, where the Board of Trustees meet, to the longtime board member on Tuesday by officially naming it the Fred Anthony Conference Room.

An Elida resident, Anthony died in a fatal vehicle accident along with his brother, Ronald Anthony, in August.

Christina Calloway: Portales News-Tribune

Roosevelt General Hospital officials dedicated the hospital's conference room to longtime hospital board member Fred Anthony of Elida. Anthony died in August in a fatal car crash, and in his honor, officials renamed the conference room the Fred Anthony Conference Room.

"Fred was a huge part of this organization and a huge part of our lives," Leaming said fighting back tears. "I can tell you his influence is alive and well and he'll live forever in this place and in our hearts."

Board members said they had a lot of respect for Anthony, describing him as someone who had no personal agenda and his only concern being the people of Roosevelt County.

"I miss Fred more than anything else," said fellow board member Lorraine Goodrich. "He was a mentor to me."

Goodrich said when having to make difficult decisions or solving problems, she'd often ask "What would Fred do?"

Board chairman Steven Connelly said Anthony didn't speak up often, but when he did, his words were taken to heart.

"If he had something to say, it was important," Connelly said.

RGH spokeswoman Amber Hamilton said she's known Anthony since she was a child and said he has always been a silent but strong leader.

"His presence in this room will bless this facility," Hamilton said.

Anthony's family members said the honor means a lot to them.

"It would mean a great deal to him," said Anthony's son, John D. Anthony. "He had a true concern for the well-being of other people. This hospital meant a lot to him."

John D. Anthony said not too much could keep his father away, even after his mother suffered a stroke.

Molly Anthony was known for sticking by her husband, waiting for him in the hospital's waiting room and chapel while meetings ran long.

"I was selfish, I kept wanting him to resign but I know that's not what he wanted," Molly Anthony said. "I knew it was really important to him."

She added that he would be humble about receiving this recognition.

"We're honored that the hospital board did this," said Anthony's nephew Mark Anthony. "It just kind of shows you the dedication he had to the board."

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