Faith in God will take you home

In a world that would ignore God, we often feel like aliens on a different planet.

Daily you and I are bombarded by ungodliness. Our culture seems to be on a downhill side. Children are murdered. Corporations are crumbling because of individual selfishness and greed. Terrorists are on a mission to kill Christians and Jews. Every reference to the One and only true

God in this country is being put on trial. Have you noticed what has happened to this country with the absence of God and his principles?

In ancient times, the people rebelled. They turned their backs on God and suffered severe consequences. In their desperation they returned to God. As long as they respected and obeyed him, there was peace. Slowly rebellion slipped in again and the cycle repeated itself. Evil exists in this world. It was so in Noah's day. God destroyed it with a flood.

Evil so inundated Sodom and Gomorrah, God had to destroy it too. Sin always leads to destruction and death. I've often wondered why sin is justified, even legalized. The legalization of sin does not make it harmless.

I'm so thankful God has angels guarding the "Tree of Life." (Genesis 3:24) Can you imagine evil people eating from the "Tree of Life" and living forever in a sinful state? This then would be eternal torment.

So what do we do and how do we live until Jesus comes? The following acrostic helps to keep the right perspective.

  • F … focus on God's promises. A heart and mind focused on the Savior keeps the heart to rest. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee." God keeps his promises. Our timetable is not his. Let us enter into his rest. To do otherwise is to forfeit peace.
  • A … agree to God's plan for your life. "For I know the plans I have for you, say the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope" (Jeremiah 29:11 TLB). I ask you, does any other so called religion give this promise? All paths do not lead to the same God.
  • I … invest your time, talents and abilities for God. Money and possessions will be left behind in the grave. Death's door awakens us to the importance of investing in heaven's riches.
  • T … trust in the one who loves you with an everlasting love. "Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you" (Psalm 9:10 NIV). A lack of trust leads to stress, problems and fear, prohibiting the receiving of God's best. Whatever is faced in life, we can be assured God will never leave or abandon His child.
  • H … heaven is our goal. I just finished reading a book on "Heaven" by Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham's daughter). It is a beautiful comforting book, especially for those who have lost loved ones. She vividly illustrates the face that none of us can envision the awesomeness of heaven. In fact, it hasn't even entered into our minds the beauty, wonder and splendor of it.

The above acrostic spells "FAITH." We walk by faith, not sight.

Until Jesus comes let us obey, love and adore him. May we thank him for suffering at Calvary for you and me.

Your faith will take you home!

Portales resident Joan Clayton is a retired teacher and published author. Her e-mail address is:

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