My Turn – Lost chances are like ripples

Most people who've earned a few dozen birthday candles can skip today's column. It's about common courtesies that most flaming-cakers already know:

Sometimes it's OK to fudge factual truths for more important ones.

  • If someone offers you gum, don't turn them down. If you don't want it, simply put it in your pocket and tell them you'll save it for later. It will make them feel good.
  • When someone offers you something to read important to them, don't dismiss them. Even if it is from a different viewpoint than yours, they are probably smarter than you think.

Certainly, don't laugh and throw it in the trash (as I witnessed a former co-worker do). If you don't want to read it, simply tell them you'll take it home and read it that night.

After they walk away, throw it in the trash.

  • If someone emails you a link to a video that impresses them, take the time to watch it. Then tell them something specific that you liked about it.
  • Greet people in wheelchairs as warmly as you do others. Offer to assist the blind; they won't be offended.
  • If a friend suffers a death in the family, call, send a card, attend the funeral or send an arrangement. The few bucks and time are insignificant compared to the lifetime of gratefulness engendered.

Lost chances are as evanescent as ripples that quickly disappear into the forever nothingness of what might have been.

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