City manager search committee selected

The Portales mayor, three city councilors and one local business owner were selected to be on the search committee for a new city manager.

City Manager Tom Howell plans to step down in December.

According to city officials, there are nearly 20 applicants for the position. Portales Mayor Sharon King said the search will remain open until the position is filled.

King announced the committee picks Tuesday night at the Portales City Council's meeting.

"I was hoping to find a way to have the entire council on the committee," King told councilors. "But it's only four or less to where we can keep it a closed-door meeting."

King selected city councilors Antonio Salguero, Oscar Robinson and Matt Hunton for the search committee along with local business owner Kevin Bond.

King said the committee will meet sometime within the next few weeks to start reviewing applicants.

The council agreed at a January meeting that they would start the search as early as they can to attract a wide range of candidates. King said although the search will remain open, she hopes to find Portales' new city manager no later than Oct. 1.

Although City Attorney Randy Knudson told King it wasn't necessary to have the council's approval, King asked the other councilors if they were confident in her selections and the council approved King's picks.

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