Helps to be square

Amelia Christensen says the purchase of one tile can help support the Portales community.

Christensen, HomeSpot director of property management in Portales, said HomeSpot bought its 8-by-8-inch tile, which is featured above the lobby of the Yam Theatre, to do just that.

The purchasing of tiles, available to local businesses and organizations, is a fundraising effort by the Portales MainStreet program to purchase new technology for the Yam Theatre.

Christensen sits on MainStreet's board as well as the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce board, and she hopes this fundraiser will also raise awareness about what the Yam Theatre is for.

"The Yam is here to support community projects and to give people a nice place to host a variety of activities, whether it be a wedding reception or a conference. I just think it's important for the city to have an events area such as the Yam," Christensen said. "I personally would love to see the Yam be used for more things."

Sandy Van Der Veen: Courtesy photo

Tiles purchased by local business owners and community members have been placed in the Portales Yam Theatre lobby. The funds from the tiles goes to the purchase of updated equipment in the Yam Theatre.

MainStreet Director Sandy Van Der Veen said at $200 a tile, she hopes to raise $12,000 to purchase a new sound system, projector and a larger video screen. Van Der Veen says they have raised $3,000 so far but she hopes to reach her goal by June 2014.

"This lovely fundraiser was originally thought of by the board two years ago to raise money to put proper equipment in the Yam," Van Der Veen said. "The Yam is set up with its wires to have surround sound."

The tiles at the Yam Theatre feature the logos of local businesses or the names of individual donors.

"We want to target the business side of eastern New Mexico and West Texas," Van Der Veen said.

She said the new equipment would be especially beneficial to groups who want to hold business seminars or conferences because they won't have to bring equipment as was required in the past.

Van Der Veen says encouraging more groups to hold events there will also pump money into the local economy because events such as retreats will keep money in Portales restaurants and hotels.

Christensen added that this enhancing the experience at the Yam Theatre will provide more community events that everyone can enjoy.

"People are always complaining about not having anything to do here," Christensen said. "By developing these things at the Yam, we're creating things to do for the community. I think people aren't fully aware of what the Yam has to offer."

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