My Turn – I’ll keep my speech to a minimum

I appreciate the vote of confidence in my editor when he asked me to go pick up our awards this weekend at the 103rd annual Convention of the Panhandle Press Association in Amarillo.

I rather look at it like that than my co-worker's response to the news, "Nobody else probably wanted to go."

Either way, I enjoy taking trips. Traveling is what I envisioned journalists to do. It romanticizes the job for me.

No decision yet on who I'll be wearing or which after parties I'll be attending, I'm just honored to accept this award on behalf of Clovis Media Inc.

I see how hard we work here and I would expect nothing less from our publications. I also know there is a sense of humility because this isn't a first for us so I believe these awards just inspire us to do better.

In the event that they allow acceptance speeches, I'll be sure to keep mine to a minimum; just as long as I name everyone who works with us at all three newspapers.

It really takes all departments to put out what you read daily and we also appreciate the honorable mentions, also known as the readers, who tell us what they want in the paper.

If I could, I'd cram all of you into my little two-seater and take you with me.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc. and humor in her spare time.

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