Join the Clovis/ Portales Sunday Fun-Day Folks at the park

For those expecting satire or a wrestling match with critics, I apologize for today's column.

I am inviting everyone on the High Plains to come to City Park on South Abilene in Portales at 2 p.m. this afternoon for the second "Meetup" of the "Clovis/Portales Sunday Fun-Day Folks."

This is for real.

Born from a discussion with reporters Christina Calloway and Jillian Holbert at a Kiwanis chili supper at the First United Methodist Church in Portales (yes, they actually admitted me into their hallowed halls without thunder and dark clouds rolling in), our group's purpose is to give people on the High Plains a chance to meet others — outside of work or bars — in a fun, friendly, non-political environment.

The group is open to everyone (all ages, including children, married, widowed, divorced, single, religious, non-religious, all political persuasions).

Bring whatever you want to eat to today's Meetup. If you are a musician, bring an instrument. While the rest of us spectate, music director Travis Erwin will lead the talented ones in jam sessions in any genre — blues, rock, folk, country, polka (and even give free lessons).

Next month we will meet in Clovis on the first Sunday.

Future activities could include board games, concerts, walking, movies, short trips, guest presenters, charitable endeavors…

This is the perfect no-dues group for the introverted and extroverted.

Even if you are shy, the founders of the Meetup group promise that you will be warmly welcomed and feel at home. For my personal guarantee, email or call me (I'm in the phone book).

Find us online at

We hope to see you at 2 p.m. today at Portales City Park.

If you can't find us among the Cinco de Mayo activities, listen for Jimmy Buffett music.

Contact Wendel Sloan at:

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