My Turn: Miss Suzy laid groundwork for growing up

Let me tell you about Miss Suzy. Miss Suzy was a little brown squirrel who lived in a little home at the top of a tree. One day, six mean, gray squirrels chased Miss Suzy from her home, forcing her to flee and take shelter in the attic of an old house.

Miss Suzy, written by Miriam Young, was originally published in 1964 and was my favorite childhood book, which I forced my mother to read to me over and over again.

When I went to visit my mother last month, I dug Miss Suzy out for us to once again read together. It struck me that my obsession with heroes and standing up for the little guy began so much younger than I had thought.

When Miss Suzy takes shelter in the attic, she discovers a box with six toy soldiers. She frees them then takes care of them in a doll house home. When the soldiers learn how much Miss Suzy misses her home, they go to her tree house and chase away the bad squirrels, allowing Miss Suzy to return.

I was excited to discover that vintage copies of the book can still be bought online and to see that there are so many other generations before and after mine that have treasured Miss Suzy as much as I have.

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