Approach yard work as reward

It has never been a chore. It has always been a joy. I’m talking about yard work. My sister and I played “alligator river” while Nana dug dandelions. Growing up we fought the valiant battle against stickers in the backyard, armed with paper sacks and knives. It was an ongoing family activity. I got married and met two sweet little neighbor girls because they’d come over to play while I worked in my yard. I moved to a couple of islands, and yard work gave me the same kinds of sweet visitors … little children who loved to come play and help. Now I’ve got this huge barnyard. In five years it has gone from a barren pasture to a lovely park. From the day the semi-trucks arrived with the sod, to this very moment as I type, that yard has been filled with friends and family. They’ve gifted me with baby honeysuckle plants and rose bushes. Kids and adults have toiled with me in the sun, moving gravel, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn. Friendships have been strengthened, fun-money has been made, a wonderful place has blossomed into existence. My summer plea? Never make yard work a punishment. It’s far too rewarding for that.

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