Councilor: Park upkeep uneven


Christina Calloway: PNT photo
The swings on this swing set at Lindsey Park were recently replaced after Councilman Antonio Salguero brought the issue to the attention of the Parks Department.

By Christina Calloway
PNT senior writer
Public Works Director John DeSha says the swings at Lindsey Park on West Ivy have been repaired since they were brought to his attention by the area’s city councilor.
Antonio Salguero told DeSha last week at the Portales City Council meeting that the swings had been broken for months and he was concerned that the Parks Department was not doing the maintenance it should as it does for other parks in the city.
“Children and families complain about it. A lot of people use these parks and children play on them after school,” Salguero said. “It’s mostly children and mothers out there.”
DeSha said he replaced two swings and added a fourth to the park. He added that the department will start a maintenance program that will involve weekly inspections of all the city’s parks.
“After talking with parks employees, it’s just a decision that I came to that we’d start a maintenance program,” DeSha said.
Salguero said his main concern stemmed from the need for his constituents to have a family-friendly social area and be able to participate in activities such as having picnics in the evening at the park.
Salguero says he’s also concerned that the parks on the north side of town don’t get as much attention as the other parks in the city.
“Those swings have been like that for the last six or seven months,” Salguero said. “These people pay their taxes just like anyone else. I want to see it on this part of town too.”
Salguero hopes that all parks will be held to the same standard.
“I work for the people of Portales, but still sometimes I feel like we’re stepchildren over here,” Salguero said.
DeSha said the Parks Department gives equal attention to all the parks in the city, but he says it may seem like larger parks such as City or Rotary parks get more attention because of their size.
“We spend as much time on them as it takes to maintain them,” DeSha said. “The bigger parks are on the (south) side of town.”

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