My Turn: Good life is happy life

A good life is a happy life. I always say I want to be like my grandmothers at their age because they do what they want but can still hold a family together.

But my great aunt Estella took the cake. At 103, she could still lead conga lines around the living room at Christmas. Whenever she spoke, even the youngest of children knew to be quiet and take in her wisdom.

She always fascinated me, even surprised me, when she could name all of us kids. Every time I gave her a kiss on the cheek, her skin was as soft and dewy like the petals of a flower in the morning after a good rain.

On Saturday she died at age 106 back home in California, surrounded by my family and other loved ones. Because she lived such a long life, I felt my family wasn’t necessarily in mourning but more celebratory about her home going. She did what she does best, she kept us together.

I just couldn’t believe Saturday was her final day. She’s had previous scares, but she’s such a fighter, no illness kept her down.

We will miss her at all the holidays. We will miss her soft voice and I definitely will miss her leading speeches before toasting to the family. She was one amazing woman who will continue to stand tall in our hearts.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc.

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