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CMI staff photo: Kevin Baird
Constance “Shake Em Off” Williams takes a warm up lap before roller derby practice. Because she is pregnant, Williams said she isn’t taking part in any contact drills.

Constance Williams, 31, a wife, mother and a business owner, does not shy away from having fun.

What does Williams find fun? Being part of the Clovis Roller Derby’s Dirty Curry Prairie Dollz.

Williams grew up in Pampa, Texas, and now lives in Clovis with her husband, Jamaal, who is a Clovis native, and son. Williams is also expecting an baby in December.


CMI staff photo: Kevin Baird
Constance Williams and her son, Chief.



She met her husband at Eastern New Mexico University and they celebrated their five year anniversary on Friday.

While living in Texas, she worked in social services but when she came to Clovis, the requirements to work were different and she did not really want to go back to it. She decided to start a roller derby league. Williams said her husband supported her and helped bring the league to life.

“We are just living in Clovis and having a good life,” Williams said.


What was your favorite sport growing up and why? : I played basketball and soccer, but my favorite sport was foo

tball because my brothers played and were really good.

Why did you join the Roller Derby?: A former member and myself started the league together. When we met she had a few months experience and I had always wanted to play.

What is your favorite thing about being on the Roller Derby team?: I always enjoy seeing the ladies in our league reaching the goals that they set. In derby we utilize and manipulate our bodies in ways that you just can’t (when)

off skates. When you first start there is the world of basic moves, your foundation that you need to master. At times it seems overwhelming, but when you finally get it, you realize I really can do anything.

Where did you get your roller derby name, Shake Em Off? : Basically not letting people get to you, so shaking off all the haters. Since I’m a blocker and pretty good at it, I could just shake off a majority of my opponents, so the meaning is two-fold

What is your favorite thing about


CMI staff photo: Kevin Baird
Williams (left), who owns the Dirty Curry Prairie Dollz roller derby team and is also the assistant coach, tells Jenn “Gentlebear” Tolbert that Tolbert cannot practice since her knee is hurt.

Clovis and why?: My favorite thing about Clovis is that it is full of opportunity. We don’t have to drive 1.5 hours to larger cities to get some entertainment. We are making it happen right at home. Roller Derby is an international sport, so our immediate goal is to become the best roller derby team in New Mexico and then spread our wings from there. We have a loyal fan base and so many are people interested in what we will do next.

— Compiled by CMI staff writer Lillian Bowe

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