My Turn: All children must learn this one

I call this “ponderings from a goat head patch,” as I have just spent the past four hours in a goat head patch doing some pondering.

Give a tiny little plant the proverbial inch, along with a bit of rain and inattention, and it will become the size of a Volkswagen bug.

All children must learn this one. Embed yourself into my bare foot making me howl in agony … shame on you. Catch me barefooted near goat heads ever again in my life … shame on me.

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who can walk right past goat heads on their way to the mailbox, and those who absolutely must bend down and remove them from the earth.

If the county fair opened a category for greatest goat head crop, it might be the most impressive thing in the barn.

My final pondering as I drove home from the goat head removal expedition … if you feel crummy when you start a project like this, four hours later you might still feel crummy, but at least you will have accomplished something.

And one last thing. Always remember where you’ve been. Those aren’t diamonds on the soles of your shoes.

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