Six worders: Stating ideas in brief

It was 2006, if memory serves. The year six worders were born.

Six worders, communicating thoughts in brief. Maybe even the inspiration for Twitter? Some things we will never know. Fad was invented by Smith Magazine.

This column had fun with the concept when it was first introduced. Readers found the exercise interesting and shared their clever concoctions. As is true with most fads, six worders had a hot run. Like the hula hoop of a half century ago, it was put in a corner of the garage only to be picked up and given a twirl from time to time.

At their best, six worders were clever, poignant or humorous, and expressed thoughts and emotions with which we could all identify.Ned 001c

Thus you had the eighth-grader lamenting, “Can’t get a girlfriend, at all.” Or the condensed memoir, “Not quite what I was planning.”

We can recognize self-deprecation in “The ghost left, apparently I’m boring,” or the sadness of “Tonight he packs. Tomorrow I pine.”

Life’s sometimes mournful complexity is captured by the likes of this common reality: “Broke. Payday. Broke. Payday. Broke. Payday.”

Or imagine the mindset of this woman: “Child, adult, wife, mom, widow, me.”

In answer, I might respond: Ouch. You are making me hurt.

Boring routine is captured by “Here, there, back again. Rinse, repeat.”

All of these authors might be encouraged by “Don’t be so insecure. You’re amazing.”

Certainly not amazing, but consider these …

• Slow news summer, idle brief thoughts.

• Outlaw bikers. Take your war elsewhere.

• Susana Martinez. Jury is still out.

• Summer fire. It’s the big scare.

• Edward Snowden. He just seems creepy.

• New Mexico obit. Died of thirst.

• Typical TV news. Wait until 10.

• Harvey Yates. Cast as GOP renegade.

• Obamacare. Nation sick with its hate.

• Congressional haters. Don’t dare shutdown country!

• Summer. Fall. Winter. Spring. God’s plan.

• N.M. future. What’s our plan?

• Football insider: Aggies 1-11, Lobos 5-7.

• FBI Downs investigation. Results envelope please.

• Job prospects. Great for hamburger flippers.

• Horse slaughter. Yucky story has legs.

• School bullies. Zero tolerance policy NOW.

• 2016 presidential election. Clinton vs. Christie.

• 2016 election. Campaign already annoying electorate.

• Why Clinton? Her turn at bat.

• Why Christie? Won’t tolerate fringe wackos.

• Levi Chavez. Only he knows truth.

• U.S. economy. Come on. Get going!

• Office outcast. Guy without smart phone.

• Smart phone user. Enough about apps!

• Medical marijuana. I feel better, dude.

• Post Office. Saturday delivery must go.

• New Mexico tourism. Prison riot? Seriously?

• Tourism. New Mexico more about balloons.

• Fox producing Clinton bio? You’re kidding!

• Big Brother. My protector, my snoop.

• Constitution writers. Never planned on drones.

• Andy Nunez. Republican today. Stay tuned.

• Health service audit. Public deserves answers.

• Race relations. Long way to go.

• Bill Richardson. Corruption short-circuits potential.

• Upcoming N.M. legislature. Lots to do.

• Early childhood welfare. Bottom ranking unacceptable.

• Vacation driving. Caution. Bumpy roads ahead.

• New Mexico. All considered, fine state.

• Column words. 497. 498. 499. Whew!

• I’m done. Now it’s your turn.


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