Cats solid in scrimmage with Alamogordo

CMI staff

ROSWELL — Against a young Alamogordo squad, the Clovis Wildcats played every bit the veteran role as the teams faced off on Friday in a scrimmage at the Wool Bowl.

Clovis coach Eric Roanhaus was pleased with the effort, noting his team outscored Alamogordo 10-2 even with running back Kamal Cass pulled early due to an ankle sprain.

“I thought Dakotah (Yandell) threw the ball pretty well, and Traivon (Sopila) caught a couple of touchdown passes,” Roanhaus said. “(Peyton) Lott, (Steven) Beckham, (Alfonso) Reavis and (Juan) San Juan all ran pretty well.”

The scrimmage included 15 plays for the first-team offenses and defenses, 15 plays for the second-team offenses and defenses, 15 more first-team plays and 10 plays each in goal-line situations.

“We really improved from the first time (to the second), and that’s what we were looking for,” Roanhaus said. “We were a better football team when we came off the scrimmage than when we came on.”

The Wildcats had one turnover on a fumble, but had four takeaways on interceptions. Two came from Lott with the others by Matt Lanier and Kaine Bender, who returned his interception for a score.

Cass, Roanhaus said, walked off his injury for the most part, but there was no point risking further damage late in a scrimmage when other players could get reps.

While there were mistakes, Roanhaus said, they were understandable mistakes made while hustling and adjusting to game speed.

“We’ve certainly got to get better next Friday,” Roanhaus said. “We’ve got Cherry Creek, who’s one of the tougher teams in Colorado year in and year out. They’ll be a whole lot bigger task than Alamogordo; they’re (Alamo) a pretty young team, and they made young mistakes.”

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