My Turn: Small towns not to blame

For the record, I’ll state some opinions about small town living right from the get go. I love to eat out, and there are many days when I wish for a greater variety of restaurants. Driving along beautiful boulevards looking at grand homes makes me happy. I don’t have that opportunity here. Elaborate theatrical productions are my cup of tea, but they’re few and far between in my little neck of the woods.

I suppose it’s a wonder I haven’t turned to a life of crime, living amidst such dull conditions.

Let me get my soap box out again. I’ve preached this sermon before. Yes, I get a bit uptight when I hear someone saying the problem with youth in small towns is that they’re bored — and because they don’t have enough sports and arts and after school programs, they turn to drugs and violence.

With this kind of logic, all big city inhabitants would be saintly since there’s so much to do. All pro sports players would be drug free, and our famous musicians would never display disorderly conduct.

I can’t fix the world, but I sure won’t let small towns be blamed for the problems.


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