My Turn — Cruise two-for makes for great night

I’ve never been a big Tom Cruise fan. I’ve never cared for his acting skills or the movies he plays in, so as a general rule, I tend to stay away from renting his films.Alisa-Boswellweb

However, I recently watched two of his newly released movies, because my boyfriend wanted to see both of them. I can’t deny that I enjoyed both.

I recently talked about “Oblivion” being an interesting movie with its post-apocalyptic storyline, but “Jack Reacher” was even better.

Cruise captured Reacher’s character beautifully and the storyline of him being drawn into investigating a random killing was intriguing and exciting. The movie keeps your attention almost the entire time. I recommend it for anyone who has a hankering for a weekend movie to rent.

I also hear the Jack Reacher book series makes for an excellent read, so that could be well worth looking into as well for those who like to read.

Until my next rental, I am enjoying reverting back to my childhood by watching the first season of “TaleSpin,” an early 1990s Disney animated series I was hooked on as a kid. I found it at Wal-Mart and couldn’t have been more excited.


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