My turn: Lifelong or not, friends help you become you

I don’t like the part of growing up where you lose touch with friends who were influential in certain periods of your life, but I understand it.

I missed a friend’s birthday this weekend, but ironically thought of her the next day when I was strolling through the supermarket and saw a package that said “cheese Mexican.” I chuckled because she and I joked about my mom buying these no-name brands of cheese that had the worst names because we were poor.

Christina Calloway

Christina Calloway

That moment instantly took me back to all the heck we raised in high school and how no matter how stupid my problems seem to me now, she listened to every word.

We were so close that I claimed her as my cousin. In a weird way, she was the wild one and I was sensible, but we needed each other to balance out.

Things became distant between us when I left for school, but she was one of the few friends who I never thought I’d fall off with.

I remember being home for an entire month shortly after my real cousin died sophomore year and she didn’t even come see me or my family. I was hurt and the friendship pretty much died there.

But I’ve noticed over time we’ll drop subtle hints that we miss each other even if things will never be the same. Can’t say she was good or bad for me; I just feel her presence was necessary for my growth.


Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc.

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