Lindsey-Steiner spirited bunch

By Eric Norwood Jr.

PNT staff writer

Spirits are high this week at Lindsey-Steiner Elementary as students celebrate the tradition of homecoming.

Student council members made up of representatives from every class voted on dress-up themes for Spirit Week, which coincides with homecoming week for Eastern New Mexico University.

Eric Norwood Jr.: Portales News-Tribune Lindsey-Steiner Elementary students show their school spirit on Pink Day in support of breast cancer.

Eric Norwood Jr.: Portales News-Tribune
Lindsey-Steiner Elementary students show their school spirit on Pink Day in support of breast cancer.

“We’ve always do a Spirit Week for Ram homecoming, but this year we decided to do one for Eastern’s homecoming,” said sixth-grade teacher LaDonna Sanchez, who also serves as an advisor for the student council, along with multiple other teachers.

The dress-up themes for the week include Favorite College Team on Monday, 80s Day on Tuesday, Pink Day to support breast cancer on Wednesday, Nerdy Day today, and ENMU spirit colors on Friday. Wednesday was a strong day for school pride, as faculty and students alike were wearing their pink to support breast cancer.

Sixth-grader Alexis Maguire was wearing her pink shirt in support of four of her relatives, who have or had breast cancer.

“I like pink day because it supports my mom and my family,” said Maguire.

Lindsey-Steiner Elementary also raised money for the Susan B. Komen Foundation, a leading breast cancer foundation. Students and faculty made donations and school officials said they raised $165.

Sixth-grader Kyle Gerlech said his favorite day of Spirit Week is Pink Day.

“It’s my favorite because my mom had cancer. It makes me feel good inside that they are raising money,” said Gerlech.

Maguire said she dressed up for 80s day as well.

“I teased my hair up, and I wore my mom’s 80s clothes from storage. She was excited; she helped me get dressed,” said Maguire.

“I wore my Texas Tech shirt on Monday,” said Gerlech. “That’s my favorite school.”

Fifth-grade student council member Taryn Wood was a part of the selection process of the themes.

“Kids came up with ideas and we had a student council meeting during lunch and voted on them. The fifth-grade voted on 80s Day and Nerdy Day,” said Wood.

“We like to have to students vote on it so they can learn about how real government works. Each class has two representatives, and they are chosen by being role models and good students,” said Sanchez.

Wood seemed to like the voting process.

“I think it is fair, because everybody might not have the same idea as something else,” said Wood.

With the ENMU homecoming events taking up this weekend, multiple students said they would be out to support the Greyhounds. Sanchez, a 1998 ENMU alumni, is proud to see her students showing community pride.

“This is a way to get the kids involved in the community. A lot of them participate in the homecoming activities, despite being younger. We try to participate as much as we can with the community,” said Sanchez.

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