My turn – Nana passed down love for yard work

By Sandy Fields

PNT columnist

I have this old metal wash basin. One of my favorite afternoon treats is to head to my yard with this basin in hand, gardening gloves, and a steak knife. There I’ll sit for hours with my beautiful black cat, enjoying the mindless work of lawn beautification.

The time passes peacefully with Peli keeping me company. I love to ponder analogies from her sweet little life. It’s a joy to me to see her sleeping soundly out in the open grass, feeling so safe because her protector is near.

Sandy Fields

Sandy Fields

I think of things I’d like to write about, words whirling in my mind. Sometimes I write them down when I come inside. Sometimes I leave them unwritten, keeping them to myself.

Without fail, I think of my Nana. If there is one thing for certain I inherited from this sweet woman, it would be her love for yard work. And so I think of her. I can see her with this basin in her kitchen when I was a child. She never threw anything away. Isn’t it my great fortune that she kept this old thing even when it was dented and rusty? What a treasure it is to me.


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