My Turn — Sandy

It’s becoming the familiar routine. Step onto the treadmill, press the little picture of mountains, take off climbing. There’s a two week hike on my calendar, so I have no option. I must be able to crawl out of bed in the mornings and hit the trail.

When the grade gets to 12 percent and higher, there are days when all I can do is grab the bars and hang on until the program finally lowers itself. Then something wonderful happens. Eight percent feels like a walk in the park. Five percent seems almost downhill. When the machine comes grinding to a halt at 0 percent … give me a pillow. I could do it in my sleep!

Oh, weary reader. Are you climbing mountains? Are customers calling your office at 7 in the morning to give you a tongue lashing? Are you tired of paying bills you wish you didn’t have? Are you overwhelmed with things to accomplish before the sun sets?

Keep climbing. Carry on. That walk in the park will arrive. Normal days will seem effortless. And the moment comes when the to-do list involves going out for breakfast omelets, dead-heading the roses, and a possible afternoon nap. We’ll make it!

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