My Turn: A challenge to be taken

For all you thrill seekers out there, I’ve been told the urban legend of the haunted house with 20 floors, one that is supposedly so scary, that no one ever makes it to the top. If you do, you get your money back.

I even heard a variation of this tale about one being in upstate New York where you’re chased in a field by a headless horseman prior to entrance of the home. That would be awesome.

That’s just a challenge begging to be taken. A few of the dorm rat pack friends I hung out with decided we’d go and find this place in Texas. Most of these girls were tough. There was an understanding that we were going to be the first to get our money back.

Christina Calloway

Christina Calloway

We tried to look this place up online and discovered it wasn’t real. Talk about a crushed Halloween spirit. It’s not like we want a truly haunted house because those ghost hunters on TV can keep that, we just want the authentic experience with great actors who keep our back muscles tight as we lightly jog through a set where people are constantly jumping out at you.

There’s got to be a house in New Mexico. I already get a little creeped out by the drives I take between here and Albuquerque. I shall make that my mission before the 31st. The child in me must be satisfied since I can no longer go door to door begging for candy.

 Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc.

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