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Photojournalists on War: The Untold Stories From Iraq by Michael Kamber presents a groundbreaking new visual and oral history that reveal the inside and untold stories behind the headlines of America’s nine-year conflict in the Middle East.

The Lemon Orchard by Luanne Rice explores the power of family, love, and loss that reaches across cultures as Julia, mourning the death of her daughter five years earlier, meets the caretaker of her uncle’s orchard, a migrant worker from Mexico who struggles with a heartbreaking story of his own.

I’ll See You Again by Jackie Hance shares the true story of a woman whose three daughters were killed in a car accident and how a tight-knit community provided the courage and strength that she needed to move forward on a journey from unbearable loss and darkest despair to hope, love, and the possibility of joy.

First Sight by Danielle Steel is set against the backdrop of the fashion world as Tommie O’Neill, a gifted designer, has created a business that inspires, fills, and consumes her life; but the talent and drive that have brought her everything else cannot erase her past.

Predictive Health: How We Can Reinvent Medicine to Extend Our Best Years by Kenneth Brigham outlines how we can invest earlier in health care by screening children for potential risk and use this information to forge personal strategies for healthier living long before a small glitch blows up into major disease.

The Light in the Ruins by Chris Bohjalian begins in 1943 Tuscany where the Rosatis family of noble lineage believe that the walls of their ancient villa will keep them safe from the war raging across Europe; but when a serial killer begins to target them one by one, investigator Serafina Bettini must dig into a past that involves both the victims and her own tragic history.

Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations by Peter Evans faithfully records the candid reminiscences of one of Hollywood’s great stars of the 1940s and 1950s, whose life off the screen was every bit as fabulous as her film roles and whose story was sometimes funny, sometimes indiscreet, but always interesting.


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The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes: Billy Miller ends up with a big lump on his head after a mishap at the statue of the Jolly Green Giant at the end of summer vacation. What a way to start second grade, with a lump on your head!

As the year goes by, though, Billy figures out how to appreciate his little sister, navigate elementary school, and how to be a more grown up and responsible member of the family and a help to his busy working mom and stay-at-home dad.

Man Made Boy by Jon Skovron: At 17 years old, Boy has never left home, but when you’re the son of Frankenstein’s Monster and the Bride, it’s tough to go out in public, unless you want to draw the attention of a torch-wielding mob. Since Boy and his family live in a secret enclave of monsters hidden under Times Square, it’s important they maintain a low profile.

As a hacker extraordinaire who can hide his hulking body and stitched-together face behind a layer of code, Boy’s only interactions with the world are through the Internet.

Boy runs away and embarks on a cross-country road trip with the granddaughters of Jekyll and Hyde when conflict erupts at home, but no matter how far Boy runs, he can’t escape his demons-both literal and figurative-until he faces his family once more. Wildly imaginative, hilarious, and romantic this tale redefines what it means to be a monster-and a man.

The Abominable by Dan Simmons: The race to summit the world’s highest mountain has been brought to a terrified pause by the shocking disappearance of George Mallory and Sandy Irvine high on Mount Everest in 1924.

By the following year, three climbers find a way to take their shot at the top. They arrange financial help from the grieving Lady Bromley, whose son also disappeared on Everest in 1924, and although Young Bromley must be dead, his mother refuses to believe it and pays the trio to bring him home.

The three climbers, deep in Tibet and high on Everest, find themselves being pursued by someone, or something, in a nightmare that becomes a matter of life and death at 28,000 feet.

They uncover a secret far more abominable than any mythical creature could ever be as they fight their way to the top of the world.

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