Breakfast will be late for awhile

Sorry guys, starting Sunday, breakfast will be late and dinner too.

It’s not going to make sense, but things are going to change.

For starters, your people will be sleeping a little later every day – hence the late breakfast.

When this happens, it is very important when the sun comes up that you not jump on the bed, sit and stare at them, tug at their covers, bark, yowl or otherwise harass them.

Have patience, because when your people finally do rise, you should expect that they will go about their daily routine as if nothing has changed, and though this may seem odd, especially since you have been waiting anxiously for an hour, it is perfectly normal.

Once you have eaten, drank your fill of water and had your reprieve, the day should proceed as always. There will be naps, time to clean yourself, get into mischief… the mail will be delivered, the school busses will pass by… it will be a normal day.

There is, however, something else you should probably be aware of.

By all means don’t panic, don’t compulsively tear up pillows or claw the toilet paper into bits when you hear this, but it’s going to get dark – like nighttime dark.

…And they still won’t be home.

They have not left you. They will return.

You will be fed, you will have time with your people, et cetera — it is a promise.

This also does not mean you have been left inside longer than normal. If you are suddenly hit with the need to go to the yard, you should know this is an illusion caused by the setting sun, but you really can hold it.

As soon as they get home, you must trust that it will feel as if nothing changed at all, at least until the next morning when it happens again.

It is a little challenging to explain, but twice a year those noisy little boxes around the house — the ones that tell people when to do things – get changed. For you, things really aren’t much different because the whole light/dark thing still happens like it always did.

But since people can’t really do anything about the light/dark thing, they change the way they look at it. It’s kind of like when they rearrange the living room and for a couple weeks you walk into the side of the couch – same furniture, same room, but it makes them happy so it’s best you just go along with it.

Speaking of happy, you should know that not everybody likes changing the bossy boxes, but they don’t really have a choice – also challenging to explain — which means your people may be grouchy for a while.

You may think when they leave home they go to sniff all the yards in the great beyond without you, but the truth is they leave home only to spend all day shut inside of buildings just like you do, sometimes where they can’t even see the sun.

By the time they get back to you, the sun is long gone and they will drag through the door. As odd as it may seem, this will make them eat more than normal and move around less.

Have faith, this too shall pass.

Do your best to make them smile whenever possible through this difficult period, for in a few months the bossy boxes will be changed again and when the bright sun casts shadows of their new, big bellies on the wall, they will come to life and head for the yard, anxious to make things right.

Sharna Johnson is a writer who is always searching for ponies. You can reach her at: or on the web at:

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