My turn: Making the Dalai Lama proud

By Sandy Field

PNT columnist

The Dalai Lama said, “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.”

I think that’s a grand idea. I’m not sure I do that every year, but I’ve certainly had some success with this suggestion.

Sandy Fields

Sandy Fields

There are many places within a few hours’ drive that I still need to visit. I’ve got to get to the New Mexico and Texas State Fairs one of these days. I find it hard to believe I’ve never been. Speaking of Texas, I’m determined to go to the Rose Festival in Tyler some year. It’s high on the list.

But this year, we’re venturing a little further than across the state line. (We do love to take a great journey from time to time.) This fall we’re taking a hike that would surely make the Dalai Lama proud.

As I type the words, I’m still at my desk in Portales just packing my bags for the adventure. As you read them, I’m on my last day of a two-week trek in the Himalayas, making my way back to Kathmandu.

So excited to enjoy another culture, to see Mount Everest, to meander through the markets and, of course, to write about the adventure!


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