Festival of Trees good time for a good cause

The Hartley House Festival of Trees is Monday through Friday at the North Plains Mall

Trees will be decorated by local businesses, then auctioned 5 p.m.-7 p.m. Saturday the Underground Embassy in Clovis.

All proceeds will go to the Hartley House.

There is a sense of nostalgia in this for me, as it recalls the older version Festival of the Trees, which formerly was a part of Clovis holiday preparations. I do not recall whether or not that event was for the Mary Carol Hartley House, but I do recall that it was for a “greater good” cause. The auction, in 1998 held at The Landing at Cannon Air Force Base, was where I retrieved the engagement ring that had been picked up in Albuquerque by a friend of mine, in order for me to use it in proposing to my wife over Thanksgiving weekend, which followed shortly after.

Therefore, “this is a good thing,” says I, upon noticing that the Festival has been revitalized and rejuvenated. In fact, in previous years I have mentioned to my wife my twinge of sadness, a small wave of something lost, that there was no longer a Festival of the Trees.

The display part is of utmost importance. Should this event proceed in any way like the earlier incarnation thereof, it will be a great joy, one of those holiday kickoff events, to view the trees as they “strut their stuff” in the mall. That part costs nothing.

We do not live in a a boring town. Claims to the contrary are frequently made by those who do not look for things fun and engaging to do, or who expect to pay less than nothing for those activities, or who will simply and plainly not be satisfied with what the area has to offer.

Make no mistake. We have no mountains, though they are only a short drive away. We have no lakes, though lakes that are viable, by southwestern standards, are fairly near. However, that’s not what is usually in the minds of those who naysay Clovis. I’m not sure what is in their minds … as John Lennon once said , “Wherever you go, there you are.”

Particularly at this time of year … I’ve had several conversations lately that address the fact that, on this coming Saturday, there are at least four events occurring in Clovis; last weekend, of course, was a kind of holiday kickoff with the Pintores Art Auction.

I am aware of someone who recently moved to Albuquerque because they were tired of the crime in Clovis. As someone who nightly watches the 10 p.m. news out of Albuquerque, I found that odd, if not laughable.

Perhaps it is just my nostalgic memories, connected with a time of proposing to the most wonderful woman in the world, but I am looking forward to the Festival of Trees.

Clyde Davis is a Presbyterian pastor and teacher at Clovis Christian High School. He can be contacted at:





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