Railroad crossing expected to be done by Wednesday

A spokesman for BNSF Railways said a railroad crossing project should be finished Wednesday, but said the original reason he gave for delays was inaccurate.

Joe Faust of BNSF said the crossing improvement on U.S. 60/84 at the state line, which was scheduled for completion Nov. 5, has been delayed due to structural challenges and an extension of sloping to make the ride quality over the crossing smoother.

Faust said earlier in the week that a key issue of the delay was concrete failing to cure, but he clarified Friday that was not the case, and the statement was a case of misinterpreted information. He added that the concrete company was not at fault for delays.

“The concrete crew did everything it could,” Faust said. “It was a structural challenge moreso than the concrete.”

The New Mexico Department of Transportation will continue to reroute traffic through U.S. 60 until the crossing is open again.

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