Batkid renews faith in humanity

Here I am, often telling people about how “hard” and “ruthless” big-city folk can be and then Batkid happened.

Christina Calloway

Christina Calloway

He’s the cause of my tears at work on Friday, and even though no one asked about my red, puffy eyes, I had a lame excuse prepared.

Batkid is 5-year-old Miles Scott, a child diagnosed with leukemia who turned San Francisco into Gotham City on Friday.

The whole ordeal was Miles’ wish, made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the citizens of my hometown.

Photos flooded my Facebook timeline of the little Caped Crusader, saving a damsel in distress tied to the cable car tracks, stopping a bank robber, and saving San Francisco Giants mascot Lou Seal from the Penguin.

As mean and nasty people can be, Miles proved to be a true hero because he unified the people of the Bay Area to make his dream come true.

He didn’t just save Lou Seal, he saved my hope for humanity, which was slowly slipping away.

A large diverse crowd awaited him at City Hall, where he was awarded the key to the city after a day of fighting crime.

I thought immediately there was no doubt in my mind that Portales would participate in something like this. That’s just the way people are here, so it was refreshing to see this in a big city.

Here’s to hoping we’ll see Batkid again, perhaps at a Giants game throwing out the first pitch.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc.



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